Tell Me More September 17, 2017 “The Migraine Warrior” with Shirley Kessel

Listen to Tell Me More Sept.17 “The Migraine Warrior” Shirley Kessel:

Migraine is not just head pain: it is an overwhelming, life altering neurological disorder that brings with it terrible pain, nausea, blurred vision and many other symptoms.  Migraine effects 37 million Americans.  When asked to describe a migraine attack, Lisa Belkin, Senior Columnist for The Huffington Post said “It’s like you are trying to give birth through your forehead.”  Another woman said “Like a vice around my head, with stabbing behind my ears and pressure behind my eyes. Pull the shades, lie down, don’t move.”

Despite the prevalence of this crippling disorder, Shirley Kessel, ‎President, Miles for Migraine in the Philadelphia Area says people tend not to admit they have it and lack adequate specialized care when they do.  Miles for Migraine holds its annual walk run in Fairmount Park’s Valley Green on October 7th.


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