Cookies So Easy…You Don’t Even Need An Oven!!

When I was in the fifth grade…my mom made my favorite cookies for the Bake Sale! They were the first ones bought and Sold Out! They loved them!! Even I can make them…and you don’t need an oven and they take just a few minutes.

The Christmas Cookie exchange is fast approaching!! You’ll be a big hit with this one…Enjoy!!

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**Contains Peanut Butter**

2 Cups Sugar

3 Cups Oats

½ Cup Whole Milk

2/3 Cup Cocoa

¼ Teaspoon Salt

2 Teaspoons Vanilla

½ Butter

½ Cup Peanut Butter

½ Cup Chopped Nuts


*Put All ingredients in Pot…bring to a boil.

* Drop cookies by tablespoon onto wax paper.

*Put in Refrigerator…And Enjoy!!!

Hope you shine like a star at the Holiday Parties!!! 

Angel Donato 

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