POPSUGAR’s 2018 Trends

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What can you expect to see A LOT of this year? POPSUGAR.com compiled a list of 16 trends that will flood your inbox, your favorite websites and magazines, social media and stores  in 2018:

  1. The “Look” of the Year  —  The 80’s Modernized.
  2.  The “Beauty Trend” of the Year —  Water-Infused Beauty Products
  3.  The “Travel Destination” of the Year — Philippines
  4.  The “Drink” of the Year  — Sparkling/Carbonated Everything
  5.  The “Color” of the Year — Lavender
  6.  The “Pop Culture Trend” of the Year — Strong, Kicka$$ Women
  7.  The “Fitness Trend” of the Year — Soul-Care/cryotherapy
  8.  The “Wedding” of the Year — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  9.  The “Antianxiety Product” of the Year — CBD treats/oils/supplements
  10. The “Parenting Trend” of the Year — interactive water bottles/Naya bottles/Willowbreastpump
  11.  The “Attitude” of the Year — Taking Action
  12.  The “Healthy Ingredient” of the Year — Adaptogens
  13.  The “Accessory” of the Year — Big, Gigantic Earrings
  14.  The “Home Trend” of the Year — Matte Black (everything)
  15.  The “Education Trend” of the Year — Travel in lieu of Master’s Degree
  16.  The “Mythodical Trend” of the Year — Mermaids

If you want/need a further explanation on any of these trends for 2018 feel free to click the link above for POPSUGAR’s explanation.

For example: I had no idea what Adaptogens were or Soul-Care/cryotherapy was, so yes, further investigation was necessary. There are a few trends I am already proudly using…like sparkling/carbonated drinks….and big, gigantic earrings!! Lavender will be fun this Spring/Summer, I can’t picture wearing that color right now, it’s dark colors all the way for me (black, navy blue, deep reds, maroons, etc.).

Regardless if we hop on board these trends, I hope this year brings you much happiness and joy right where you are. Just be. That’s always, always good enough.



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