Come See Us At Burlington in Mt. Laurel 2moro!

Photo by: Shutterstock

Not sure if you noticed, heard or knew about the name change here!

It has been Burlington Coat Factory and I’m so glad they switched it up to just straight up Burlington Stores. If you are like me, the first time you heard the name Burlington Coat Factory you thought…” Oh shoot, they have lots of coats, I gotta check that out.” And then got there to discover they have wayyyyy more than just coats and ended up spending wayyyyy more than planned. Doh! Oh, and more than likely didn’t even buy a dang coat. {sorry, not sorry}

So anyways…

It makes sense to me. I like it. Good Job, Burlington!

I will be at Burlington in Mt. Laurel tomorrow. That’s tomorrow as in March 10, 2018, if you read this after the fact….which hopefully you don’t…because I would love to meet you and we have fantastic presents to give away, like we always do.

I hope to see you there! I will be with the 101.1 More FM street team and Morey the Monkey from 10 a.m. to Noon so let’s shop til we drop. Spring is around the corner and Mommy needs some new duds! Okay, the kids, too! But, Mommy first. lol

70 Centerton Road  Mt. Laurel, NJ …. type it in the ‘ole GPS … and I will see you soon!



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