Just a Girl Living in a ‘Man’s World’ — Meet Caitlin from Wawa

Photo by: Jessie “Fun” Jordan

There she was.

I needed gas this morning before running errands. I had just gotten out of the shower, so please excuse the sub par do-job above, but when you live in the moment, good hair can wait.

Where was I? Yes. I saw her.

She was running to the next pump to send her customer on their way and I thought to myself, I have to let that chick pump my gas! Omg, I love that she’s working with a bunch of dudes and keeping up!! Ahhh, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

I pulled up to an empty pump and a young guy came up to my window and greeted me. I politely declined his help and requested the “cool chick over there” and he called for her. She looked up, gave me a wave and a smile.

She wraped up quickly and ran over (yes, ran…I love that she ran) to my car and I start telling her how I also worked with only guys when I was her age. I worked for the Nebraksa State Department of Roads, I mowed lawns, I picked up road kill…I went for it. I went for the jobs that paid more cash, which yes, were 100% jobs that only guys typically do.

I wanted her to know that I loved her boldness and encouraged her that she has a bright future. She told me that she was studying to do construction and wanted to be a carpenter. My jaw dropped. Sincerely I was so proud of her…I gave her a high-five…we took a couple pictures…exchanged names/cards/social media/phone numbers….oh yeah, all that….and then high-fived again with total

G I R L  P O W E R  attached!!

You go Miss Caitlin…it’s chicks like you that make me PROUD to be a lady!!!



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