Tell Me More May 6, 2018 Mommy Burnout with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Listen to Tell Me More May 6, 2018 “Mommy Burnout”:

Today’s moms are reaching a breaking point. The socially accepted standard of the ever-busy, overwhelmed, yet seemingly “together” mom is finally taking an obvious toll on women’s mental and physical health. This endless striving to be the perfect mother, at the cost of their own self-care, is leaving women sick, anxious, isolated, and too ashamed to speak out.

How do you know if you’ve reached Mommy Burnout?  Among the symptoms according to Ziegler:

  • You zone out on social media daily, and you’re sure everyone else’s lives are much better than your
  • You fantasize about going on vacation by yourself, or even being in the hospital, just for a break from your kids
  • You avoid undressing in front of your husband because he may try to initiate sex
  • You feel tired all the time and are just constantly fatigued
  • You feel like nothing you ever do is good enough, and you sometimes resent your spouse and children

A mother of three herself, Dr. Ziegler’s work as a child and family counselor gives her a front-row seat to the mommy burnout epidemic. The new normal for many moms is living in a prolonged state of emotional and physical exhaustion. Dr. Ziegler gave this condition a name – “mommy burnout”- and deemed it too serious for women to just accept and joke about.  Dr. Ziegler tackles this epidemic in her new book, MOMMY BURNOUT: How to Reclaim Your Life and Raise Healthier Children in the Process.

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