Can Jenn Parallel Park First Try in a Ford EcoSport?

If you don’t want a massive SUV, but still want the cargo space, the Ford EcoSport is perfect!  It’s Ford’s newest SUV and I am fortunate enough to be driving one this fall.  One of the toughest things about driving in the city is finding parking – metered parking – that you can back in to.   I took my co-worker, Diane, to get some coffee in Manayunk after work the other day and I drove because she wanted to check out the EcoSport.    Of course we couldn’t leave until we got Morey out of the car (he loves the moon roof) but after that, we took a spin and she loved it as much as I do!   I also put the EcoSport to the parallel parking “first try test” so to speak, and if you want to see how I did, you’ll have to click below:)