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Nick Jonas Had Something in His Teeth at The GRAMMYs A Little Bit Longer with Andrea Duffy (1/27)

Nick Jonas Had Something in His Teeth at The GRAMMYs

It's Monday, which is dumb, and Nick Jonas had something in his teeth during the Jonas Brothers' GRAMMY performance let's tell our embarrassing stories to make each other feel better about being awkward weirdos. A LIttle Bit Longer 1-27-20.mp3 Follow B101.1 on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram... Read More
B101 To-Do List: Lunar New Year, chowder crawl, and more for Jan. 24-26

Things to do in Philly this weekend, Jan. 24 to 26

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It’s a new decade in Philadelphia, but some cherished traditions are here to stay. To kick off the Year of the Rat, several locations across the city will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with classic festivities. Chinatown will present its annual Lion Dance Parade... Read More
A Little Bit Longer With Andrea Duffy

A Little Bit Longer: 1-24-20

Happy Friday! Kelly Ripa cut off her daughter's debit card for the incredibly relatable crime of ordering too much food delivery, but who ​​​​​​among us hasn't been guilty of ignoring the perfectly good food at home. A LIttle Bit Longer 1-24-20.mp3 Read More
Scott Robbins

Things to do in Philly this weekend, Jan. 17 to 20

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Many people will flock to the Parkway this weekend to stand up for what they believe in — the same weekend that we honor the late Martin Luther King Jr. Social justice will take center stage at both the Philadelphia Women’s March and the dozens of activities and... Read More
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Courtesy of Center City Restaurant Week

Things to do in Philly this weekend, Jan. 10 to 12

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — It’s been a mild January so far — temps are expected to reach the 60s this weekend. So, we might as well soak in the overcast sun while we have the chance. Hopefully, Philadelphia stays dry, though, because Doobies is continuing its Philly Loves Bowie Week tradition... Read More

Brad Rutter gives a proud Philly answer on Final Jeopardy

Brad Rutter is currently competing against Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer in The Jeopardy: Greatest of all Time competition... and has not been doing well. But last night, he captured all of our green bleeding, Philadelphia hearts. He may be a loser... but he's our loser #Flyeaglesfly https://t... Read More