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Does a Swim in the Pool Count as a Bath?

Do you take a shower or bathe after a swim or does the swim count?

July 23, 2019

Look at the photo above: is that a bath?

We're here because this tweet keeps following me around and every time I see it I'm like WHAT:

The CDC says 51% of us say swimming in the pool counts as a shower or bath, and there's no need to bathe after. This was actually my experience as a child. In the Summer we swam in our grandparents' pool, and most nights my mother would tell us we didn't need a night-time bath because we had been in the pool that afternoon. It wasn't every night though, we never went more than two days without actual soap from what I can remember. 

So I get this. A little. However all these years later as an adult I have SO MANY QUESTIONS:

1. Do you not need to wash the chlorine out of your hair?

2. Does your pool not have, like, leaves in it? That is dirt?

3. Are you a morning bather, if so the only issue is if you still want to get into bed while you're a little chlorine-y?

4. We're definintely not talking about the ocean though because sand? RIGHT?

But hold on there's a TWIST: the CDC study where half of us say a swim counts as a bath also says that we should all be showering BEFORE getting in the pool. Which renders the rest moot, right, because then you've bathed today.

Do you get a bath--or make your kids get one--after a swim in the pool? Or do you count it as a bath for the day? Or do we really REALLY not want to know how much or how little everyone else bathes?