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The Moment Taylor Swift Met Her New Kitten on the Set of the ME! Video

It's Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! Taylor released behind-the-scenes footage of meeting her new kitten while shooting the ME! video

April 30, 2019

The moment you saw your pet, was it love at first sight? Taylor Swift may not have even been thinking of getting another cat, but as soon as the kitten in her ME! video was put in her arms, it was like he was hers.

Today is coincidentally Adopt a Shelter Pet day, and Taylor posted this behind the scenes video to her youtube channel. While I don't know that the video's cat IS a shelter cat, it's a lovely coincidence either way, because the video is a look at how she came to adopt the kitten who's since been dubbed Benjamin Button. She's seen talking to the handler as Benjamin purrs in her lap ("he's a little purrbox" we hear), and from the look on her face when she hears "he's available," you know Taylor's just decided to get another cat.

This kitten seems like the absolutel best, too. He's a ragdoll cat, which are known for being chill, and loving to be around--and on--humans. This litle guy gets passed around the crew and seems to absolutely love it, purring in everyone's arms.

At the end of the video Taylor explains to him that he's coming home to live with her and will have "two big sisters"-- Taylor's other two cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Hope everybody gets along!