Drunk Man Gets in Fight Over Sesame Seed Cheesesteak Bun

And, really, do any of us blame him???

January 8, 2019

Whether your perfect cheesesteak is wit or witout, it's impossible that we won't be in agreement...the bun is sacred.  The bun is not to be messed with.  The bun remains, steadfast.

So, we can ALMOST understand why a man down in Florida picked a fight in a drunken state when he was served a cheesesteak ON A SESAME SEED BUN.

We'll give you a moment to recover.  We know, we know...the INJUSTICE.

Now, we cannot condone the drunkenness, but we can certainly understand the indignation upon receiving sesame seeds on your cheesesteak bun.  According to a report, the man with whom our hero picked a fight declined to press charges, despite the owner of the flea market where this heinous crime took place stating that the man was causing a public disturbance.  Based on testimony of his slurred speech and aggressive behavior, we don't disagree with the police being called.

But we DO disagree with that cheesesteak.