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Experience Philadelphia like a Tourist!

March 6, 2019

Be a Tourist for a Day!

Calling all Philadelphia natives! I get it, some of you have been here for your entire lives. For some, you’ve been here the duration of your college years and even that makes you comfortable with the cobblestone and pothole filled streets that are so charmingly Philadelphia.

But let’s take a second to broaden that scope. I realized as I was watching Criminal Minds reruns that Philadelphia is actually a very prominent city—something I failed to realize as someone who grew up in and around Philly.

With that being said, Philly is full of things to do and sometimes you have to embrace your inner tourist. Here’s a list of some potential, very tourist (but very fun!) things you can do in the City of Brotherly Love.

Ghost Tours of Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known as the Birthplace of our Nation and that means this city is rich in its history. Take a walking ghost tour and see where the haunted and ghosts prowl the streets. Make sure to bring a friend, wouldn’t want you getting too scared!

Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is full of mosaic art and an Instagram-worthy spot in South Philadelphia. Come see what it would be like to step into a world of mosaics and see why they call it Magic Gardens.

Philly by Segway Tours

What better way to take a look at the beautiful city than by hopping on a Segway? Yep, segways are not exclusively for mall cops and you can ride your own while taking a look at all the things Philly has to offer! Make sure to bring a group—it’s always more fun that way.


Do something different and get yourself tickets to one of these tourist experiences to see what Philly's all about!