Used Tissues Could Save Your Big Weekend

Keep from getting sick.... By getting sick!

January 25, 2019

Worried about getting sick at the wrong time? Well there might be a way to help that situation!

Vaev, a company based out of California, has put on the market a disgusting new way to help regulate the time that you are sick. For a small fee of $79.99 (haha) you can pay for a box of used tissues. That’s right USED TISSUES.

The thought behind this concept is that if you know you are going on vacation or have a huge presentation coming up, you can use these tissues to regulate when you get sick. So, if you want to be healthy two weeks from now, just use these and you’ll be sick now and not later!

So, if you have that huge vacation, presentation, show coming up in a few weeks and you don’t want that pesky flu hitting you at the wrong time, THESE are for YOU!

We're not kidding, here's the website!