10-Year Old Proves Tom Brady is a Cheater

Confirming what most of us believe!

January 25, 2019

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A 10-year old has recently PROVEN that Tom Brady is in fact a cheater.

Ace Davis, from Lexington, Kentucky, decided to do some actual science to see if he could prove that Tom Brady is a cheater for his elementary school science fair. With the focus on the Deflategate Scandal from a few years ago, Ace had his mom and sister help him out by throwing footballs with different variations of inflation levels.

Yes, indeed, the underinflated balls traveled the farthest. The more underinflated balls were also softer, which made it easier to grip, throw and catch.

Congratulations to Ace for winning the science fair, and all the Patriots haters hearts, and good luck moving on to the district competition!

Oh, and Ace’s prediction for the big game, 30-14 in favor of the Rams.

Check out his project!