South Philly Bridal Store Giving Away Dozens of Prom Dresses to Girls in Need

Carolyn Zinni’s Bridal Salon has a tradition of helping those in need during prom season.

January 7, 2019

It comes around every year, regular as clockwork and taxes:  Prom season.  It's a rite of passage, a time-honored tradition for high-school aged teens, who look forward to the event all year.  And JUST as exciting as the prom itself?  The dresses, of course.

Prom dresses have taken on a life of their own, and have almost become a status symbol.  For families in need, then, the issue of not being able to afford a prom dress can feel very significant.

Enter Carolyn Zinni, a South Philly bridal boutique owner who just gave away 89 prom dresses to local families who could not otherwise afford the dresses.

“I was blessed in my personal life so I felt I needed to do something and give back,” says Zinni.  

The donation comes as many families are recovering financially from Christmas, so parents in particular are incredibly grateful.  An employee at the store mentioned the emotional impact of seeing girls get a dress to rival their friends', especially when they know it would not otherwise be possible.

The best part?  Any dress that is not claimed will be donated to a local school.  Thank you, Carolyn, for helping to keep the NEXT season bright for some Philadelphia residents!