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Jenn and Bill's Impossible Question (1/18/19)

Think you know the answer? We'll see!


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What is the Impossible Question?

It’s maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s a nice cash prize if you get the answer right! Tune in to B101.1 weekday mornings at 6:40 AM and try your luck with the Impossible Question.

What do I get if I call in and guess the right answer?

Well, other than ultimate bragging rights, we’ll send you $101. And, on days there’s no correct answer, we’ll carry the question over to the next weekday and the prize will increase to $202 and so on.

Current Question:

Jenn has 3 of THESE in her house, while Bill has none. What are they?


  1. Has nothing to do with pets
  2. The owners of Jenn's 3 things are herself, her husband and her son. Her daughters don't want one.

Current Winning Amount (Wednesday 1/16/19): $606

Wrong Answers:

  1. Pets
  2. Walk In Closets
  3. Plants
  4. DVD Player
  5. Vacuum Cleaners
  6. Personlized Items
  7. Children
  8. Cordless Phones
  9. Bikes
  10. Hair Brushes
  11. Night Lights
  12. Coasters
  13. Smoke Detectors
  14. Radios
  15. Amazon Echo's
  16. Diffusers
  17. Televisions
  18. Dogs
  19. Pet Fish
  20. Things for your hair
  21. Junk Drawers
  22. Shovels
  23. Air Frsheners