Jenn and Bill's IQ (7/30/19)


What is the Impossible Question?

It’s maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s a nice cash prize if you get the answer right! Tune in to B101.1 weekday mornings at 6:40 AM and try your luck with the Impossible Question.

What do I get if I call in and guess the right answer?

Well, other than ultimate bragging rights, we’ll send you $101. And, on days there’s no correct answer, we’ll carry the question over to the next weekday and the prize will increase to $202 and so on.

Winning Amount (7/30/2019): $101

Current Question: THIS word has only been around since the 1920's!  What is it?

Wrong Answers:

  1. Studebaker

Correct Answer: "Teenage"!   According to:  word   the word "teenage" was first used in 1921, in the Methodist yearbook.