Jenn and Bill's IQ (8/23/19)

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Listen every morning at 6:40am to try and answer Jenn & Bill's IQ! It's maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it's a nice cash prize if you get the answer right!

Current Amount(8/25/19): $505

Current Question: When it comes to eating...   1 out of every 5 of us...  do THIS!

Wrong Answers:

  1. Not finish the last bite 
  2. Licking your fingers
  3. Say grace before eating
  4. Season food before eating
  5. Put a napkin on your lap
  6. Drive and eat
  7. Make a face
  8. Not letting food touch
  9. Chew with mouth open
  10. Taste pets food
  11. Talk with food in mouth
  12. Elbows on the table
  13. Eat fast food
  14. Smell their food
  15. Eat a poor diet
  16. Cut up food
  17. touch it to their chin