Jenn & Bill's IQ (8/19/19-8/23/19)

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Listen every morning at 6:40am to try and answer Jenn & Bill's IQ! It's maddening, frustrating, and a lot of fun, but mostly it's a nice cash prize if you get the answer right!

Current Amount(8/19/19): $1111

Current Question: A small amount...   less than 10% of us...  say we never do THIS!

Clue: Has something to do with traveling. Think Airplane.

Wrong Answers:

  1. Drive Agressively
  2. Elbows on the table
  3. Walk to work
  4. Singing when you are alone
  5. Wash hands after using the bathroom
  6. Wearing a seatbelt
  7. Acts of kindness
  8. Text and drive
  9. Lock their doors when they leave the house
  10. Go swimming
  11. Internet
  12. Wear Underwear
  13. Balance Checkbook
  14. Walk under a ladder
  15. Buy a gift off of a registery
  16. Licking fingers after you eat
  17. Say Happy Birthday to their friends
  18. Steal
  19. Call out sick from work
  20. Swear
  21. Biting your finger nails
  22. Regift
  23. Pack a lunch
  24. Tipping a taxi driver
  25. Travel out of state
  26. Riding a bike
  27. Check the weather
  28. Buy luggage
  29. Ask for direcetions
  30. Use restroom on an airplane
  31. Would never fly
  32. Turn cell phones off during take off
  33. Fly Solo
  34. Mile High Club
  35. Fly first class
  36. Forget your passport
  37. Recline your Seat
  38. Sit at window seat
  39. Eat on the plane
  40. Walk barefoot
  41. Buckle seat Belt on airplane
  42. Sleeping on airplane
  43. Sit in emergency exit row seat
  44. Check bags
  45. Listening to the flight attendant
  46. Looking out the window
  47. Jump out the plane
  48. Calling the flight attendant
  49. Get off the plane before it leaves
  50. Clap hands after you land
  51. Chewing gum during take off

Answer:   Talk to the stranger sitting next to us on a plane!  According to the PR Newswire...     8% of people say that's something they never do.