Angel Donato

Sun: 2p-7p

Some of my favorites:

Foods: Big fan of extremely hot food (I mean until I cry hot).

Hobbies: Working out, concerts, traveling with friends,  and reading.

Movies: Wizard of Oz, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Family Stone, and the Notebook.  Any movie with Andy Garcia, Ben Stiller or Luke Wilson. Anything Christmas!

Places: A beach with me on it.

TV Shows: Friends, Seinfeld & Everybody Loves Raymond Re-runs.

A little more about me: I was welcomed into the B101.1 family with open arms by warm, happy, energetic people. This really is happiest place on earth! I’ve worked at several stations in Philly and the tri-state area and can truly say our listeners are so loyal and friendly. I wouldn’t want to be in anywhere else but at B101.1!